500 years of Reformation

It’s been 500 years since Martin Luther nailed his notice up which sparked a movement of the church reforming by the gospel of Jesus Christ. After generations of dark ages, the light of the gospel was rediscovered from the pages of the Bible and many people were changed inside-out. The reformation led to people finding their ultimate joy in Jesus, and we pray that God will do it again in our generation.

To celebrate the 500th year of reformation, the combined churches of Bendigo and chapter of The Gospel Coalition are hosting an event on Reformation Sunday (October 29th) where we gather to hear the good news of Christ again, of what it means to be saved by faith alone. This is an event for the encouragement of believers and for unbelievers who are new to the Christian faith.

Reformation Sunday comes around every year, the Sunday closest to October 31st celebrating the date and anniversay when Luther nailed his 95 theses to the door at Wittenberg. You’re all invited to come along, get involved in The Gospel Coalition and be part of history and the future of what God is doing in Bendigo by His gospel.