Are you anxious?

Are you anxious? I can be, we all can be, at different times and to vary degrees. We know there is medical help for anxiety, but what we often miss is that we humans are not simply biological beings. We are more than meat with eyes.
We have been created to live without anxiety, yet since sin’s entry into the world we have faced and felt anxiety ever since. Whilst we have medical helps for anxiety today, we also need to see the spiritual solution. For anxiousness ultimately has a spiritual diagnosis, as we saw last Sunday from our series in Philippians, particularly from 4:1-9.
Everyone wants relief from anxiety, everyone wants peace. But sadly we only buy the cheap stuff. Cheap peace doesn’t last in the long run. That kind of cheap peace people try by getting drunk to forget their problems. Or by trying to find peace in pills, only to find that makes problems worse. Some seek peace at the seaside, by trying to ignore the anxiety, by not thinking at all. But worry and anxiety is often the absence of thinking about what is right and good – and not thinking at all can magnify things.
Ultimately, seeking peace in the wrong places never works. Whereas, the peace that has been paid for by Jesus Christ is the kind of peace which guards your heart and mind. It’s a joyful peace, and requires you to think on who is right and good – namely Jesus. When whatever else could be at war within you, in anxiousness, this peace brings a quite confidence that everything will be alright, because of Jesus.
Join us this coming Sunday as we finish our series in Philippians, and see the secret of how to be content in every situation.