Are you considering a Ministry Apprenticeship?

As we come to the second-half of the year, many of us start considering and praying about what’s next for our walk & service in Christ. To help think these things through further we’d like to invite you to join as we head down to Melbourne for the MTS Challenge Conference on August 5th. This day conference is for all those considering fulltime Ministry Apprenticeships. You can find our more here:


For those considering a part-time Ministry Apprenticeship with Reforming, we’re hosting a Regional & Rural MTS Info night on the Monday evening of August 28th. All of our church and other churches of Bendigo are invited to this.

It’s as easy as talking with Russ about coming along to either event, just email him:

As you think about an apprenticeship, hear what Mikey thinks! He currently serves as one of our part-time Apprentices:

“Whilst I have only been an apprentice with Reforming for a short time now, I am finding I am growing in my knowledge of God’s word through studying the Bible more thoroughly then I have previously. Spending Friday mornings with Russ, Rory and Emma has been great as we encourage each other in our study of the Bible and also assist each other in planning the different ministries of the church. It has also been great spending time one to one with other men in the Church who are at different stages in their walk with God as well as planning mens events such as Easter events and Church camps. I definitely think an apprenticeship with Reforming is worth doing.”