Book of James: Does faith work?

Our discipleship series through the Bible this year as we preach and align our Grow Group teaching around the word of God, has been seeing what faith in Jesus is all about. We have heard from God’s word what it means to have our “joy in Jesus” from the book of Philippians. We then saw the significance of what it means to have faith “in Christ” from the book of Colossians. Following that we looked at what it means to see injustice in our world and yet be “living by faith” in Jesus through the book of Habakkuk. And now, we’re about to get real practical by digging into the book of James and ask that pragmatic and yet deeply theological real-life-question: “does faith work?”

Here is the outline of our series, and our prayer is that you can join us and see your life changed by faith in Jesus too…

July 24th ~ James 1:1-12   “Does faith work when you’re tested?”

July 31st ~ 2 Timothy 2:15 & 2 Timothy 3:16-17   Commissioning Service for Emma Spink

August 7th ~ James 1:13-18   “Does faith work under temptation?”

August 14th ~ James 1:19-27   “Does faith work when it’s about words?”

August 21st ~ James 2:1-13   “Does faith work with love toward your neighbour?”

August 28th ~ Psalm 139 with Rory Weightman

September 4th ~ James 2:14-26   “Does faith work if there are no good works?”

September 11th ~James 3:1-4:12   “Does faith work when we speak?” 

September 18th ~ CHURCH CAMP (Reforming meets in Marysville that day, sign up to join us!)

September 25th ~ James 4:13 – 5:12   “Does faith work in the real world?” 

October 2nd ~ James 5:13-20   “Does faith work when we pray?”