Christ cares for our mental health

“Why are you downcast, O my soul, why so disturbed within me…?” These words are common to many of us, perhaps you’ve said them or are in that season again where you feel this. Perhaps your thoughts and feelings see you walking through that valley, and far from where you wish you were. That is how the writer of these words thought and felt as he penned the poem we know as Psalm 42 & Psalm 43.

This Sunday we are pausing our series in the book of Romans to take time to focus on how Christ cares for our mental health. All of us will ourselves suffer, or know someone close to us who suffers, from mental illness in one form or another and to varying degrees. We would like to talk about this and equip and encourage one another as a congregation.

You may feel far from God, you may feel thirsty, forgotten or even rejected. You may feel, along with the Psalmist, a spiritual depression that you can’t shake and with people around you who only know the words to cut and tear and prod. Whatever you feel, Jesus really is the hope of the world, and your hope if you hear and believe.

Come along this Sunday August 13th, 10.30am in the Quarry Hill Hall, all are welcome,

Come all who are spiritually depressed