Church Camp: September 16th-18th

Our church is involved in a few key conferences and camps. The most important for us is our “Church Camp”. It’s important, and this year it’s our first one, ever. So we are getting pretty darn excited about that fact, and the calendar is ticking over! There are now only 4 weeks to go till church camp, and we are looking at one fun weekend away as a church family, with fellowship, food, and friends new and old.

So why are we writing about this is in our latest Sunday Summary? Because we want to, we need to, break some news to you. That since most of the church will be away on that weekend in September, there will not be a Sunday Service of gathered worship in Bendigo for us. That’s right, if you turn up to BSE College with eager expectation of seeing our smiling faces gathered around God speaking through the Bible that day in the greater city, you’ll be disappointed.

So what can you do? We have two simple options:

  1. Let us know that you’d like to come to church camp too, you can email us here to do that; or
  2. For Sunday September 18th of this year, check out other good churches who teach the Bible and proclaim Christ as they glorify God and enjoy satisfaction that can only be found in Him. We recommend some good friends of ours at Bendigo Presbyterian and Eaglehawk Presbyterian.

This news may have been of some interest to you, but if you really want to hear some good news you can check that out by reading Mark’s gospel of Jesus Christ.