Disciples Who Do the Word

You’ve heard it said that “actions speak louder than words”, so can faith work when it’s about words? The Bible shows us something extraordinary in it’s answer, or rather, someone extraordinary. For not only do we see that God is the one who spoke the universe into existence, but his very word is so powerful that hearing and doing it changes us inside out like nothing else can.

To be a Christian is to be someone who is born again by the word of God, and so live as a disciple who is a doer of the word – we saw this from James 1:19-27. So how do we do the word? To be sure it is in part opening a Bible and hearing God speak, but this must come with an attitude adjustment that says I want to hear God speak. When Jesus was interrogated by the Pharisees, those religious hypocrites, his cutting comment that cuts through to the heart of their problem is: “have you not read?” It’s like Jesus is doing a bit of stand-up comedy because of course they have read the Bible, but their problem is they don’t believe the Bible – particularly all of it being about Jesus.

How do you tell if a person believes the Bible? They love to have God’s word tell them what to do, it actually does change them. But a question flows from this: “how much doing is enough to be done?” Well here’s the beauty of Christ in the Bible, we see there that in the end the only person who has ever fully done everything God’s word says to do is Jesus himself. It’s Jesus who fulfilled the law, Jesus who fulfilled all righteousness, Jesus who filled what God required and in final fulfillment took all our failings and bore our blame on the cross.

A Christian is someone who receives and is reformed by the word of God, because they hear and do by faith in Jesus. Now that’s faith in action.