Every page points to Jesus

Over term 1, we will be joining the dots of the Bible with an Old Testament overview, where we’ll see “every page points to Jesus.”

Feb 12th, Genesis 1-3,  In the beginning, we all fall down [Creation & Fall]

Feb 19th, Genesis 12,  Making the Curse History [God’s Promises]

Feb 26th, Exodus 12Saved from Slavery [The Exodus]

March 5th, Deuteronomy 5-6The Law – What is it good for? [The Law of God]

March 12th, Joshua 1What is the “promise” of the Promised Land? [Entering the Promised Land]

March 19th – CU Sunday

March 26th, 2 Samuel 7“Kingdom Come” [Ruled by Judges & Kings]

April 2nd, 2 Kings 24“Kingdom Gone” [Exile from the Promised Land]

April 9th, Isaiah 53:4-6“The Gospel from the Old Testament” [The Message of the Prophets]