Healthy Doctrine = Healthy Church

Everyone wants to be healthy these days, and this is something we pray for Reforming Church. We don’t want to be a megachurch, or a famous church, we make no claim to be most enjoyable church and we’re far from being a perfect church. Yet, God does show us in the Bible that we ought to, and can be, a healthy church.

So how do we grow to be a health church? Is it by a diet of good vegetables? Nope, something better that we all need, a diet of good doctrine.

It is our prayer as a church that this October we will elect, ordain and induct our first “home-grown” eldership, God-willing. So as we start this process we’ll also move into hearing God speak from His word in a new series from the book of Titus. For in Titus we see why having our own home-grown elders is so healthy for us to have – those men who will teach healthy doctrine.

People get too easily “bored” with the idea of ‘doctrine’ these days, but that’s not how God sees it. When we read doctrine talked about in Titus, it’s spoken of as being ‘sound doctrine’, and another important word for ‘sound’ that could be used is… ‘healthy’ (Titus 1:9, Titus 2:9).

Doctrine is what we believe and teach, and so for a church like us we need healthy doctrine for us to grow to be a healthy church. That’s why we have named our series in Titus: “Healthy Doctrine = Healthy Church”

We invite you to be healthy with us as we grow by God’s word.