Our best Church Camp, ever!

“Our best Church Camp ever!” We have just come back from such an experience. True, it was only our first Church Camp ever, but so far it has been the best.

Reforming just spent the last weekend together in Marysville, where we dug deep into the Bible to see what it means to Connect to Jesus Christ and His church, to then Grow in Christ so as to ultimately Serve Christ, His church and therefore the world – all together.

It was such a formative and fun time, and many of us will be shaped by this time together. Yet, it won’t be for just those who could make it to camp this year, and there’s always next year which is looking like it will be the best camp ever 😉 but our time in the Bible and with each other over Church Camp will shape the rest of our church and community. For the ripple effect of being in the Bible together, praying together, eating together, all the fun times together – will be seen for a long time to come.

On camp we took a look at our Prayers & Plans as a church, what some would call our “vision”, but for us it’s much more than a vision statement or a document of dreams. For our Plans & Prayers hold our mission, vision and values together that have really been given to us in the Bible, as we make disciple-makers in the community through Reforming Church.

Jesus has always been the one who came up with the idea to make disciples of the nations, and that’s now our mission (Matthew 28:16-20). Jesus is the one whom we want to see people connect to, grow in and serve, and thats now our vision for Bendigo and beyond (John 15). Jesus is the one whom we serve so as to serve his body, the church, a body of people we just loved hanging out with on the weekend. We serve so as to serve the world with the gospel by teaching the good news of Jesus to others who may teach others (Matthew 28:20), by speaking it to others (Ephesians 4:1-16), by serving others with our various gifts (Romans 12).

To be sure there will be many reports from Church Camp 2016 to come, we’ll hear them on Sunday as we also host our seasonal look at our Prayers & Plans. We’ll hear what each of us gained from camp through the following convos over coffee and through catch-ups. But the really big thing about such a fun and formative little camp won’t be seen or heard of until the last day.

For on that day we’ll see how God used a little thing like Church Camp 2016, to do big things with his gospel word, shaping the lives of people not just for a season, but for-ever. That’ll make every Church Camp the best ever, and ever.