Pray & Connect with Carols

For most of the year Jesus Christ is a by-word among our neighbours, friends and families. But at Christmastime there will be shops and service stations, concerts and carols across TV channels where songs of Jesus will see people singing: “King of kings, Lord of lords…” This is the opportunity of Christmas to pray and connect with people over some of their favourite songs – Christmas Carols.

Many of our unbelieving family and friends still love hearing and even singing carols, for a variety of reasons. Tradition, sentimentality, maybe even searching for some hope at the end of the year. This is a gospel sized opportunity presented to us brothers and sisters. So here is such an easy thing to do this Christmas, simply pray and connect.

Pray for grace, wisdom and boldness to present the beautiful news of Christ with someone this Christmas.
Pray that God would give you the opportunity to connect with someone this Christmas.
Pray that people wouldn’t just enjoy singing the songs about the saving Lord and King, pray that they would enjoy Him forever, starting this Christmastime.