Romans Series, Season 2: The gospel is reforming a new humanity

Would you like to see change in our world? Is there hope for humanity, for you? And if there is, how could you have any assurance of this? Come and see the difference that the gospel of Jesus Christ makes for humanity – for in the gospel we see the assured hope of humanity.

In season 2 of the book of Romans, we will see: The gospel is reforming a new humanity.

July 16th, Romans 5:1-11Is there hope for you?

July 23rd, Romans 5:12-21 ~ Are you part of the cure?

July 30th, Romans 6:1-14If I am in Christ, what about the sin in me?

August 6th, Romans 6:15-7:6 ~ There is always a master, so who is yours?

August 13th, Romans 7:7-25Sanctification through the Law won’t work at all

August 20th, Romans 8:1-17See the difference the Spirit makes to your life

August 27th, Romans 8:17-30Do you suffer and groan? 

September 3rd, Romans 8:31-39If God is for us, who can be against us?