Serving Sundays in the Gospel

How significant is your service in the gospel?
Sunday is game day for Christians, for Christian service.

It’s when we gather to connect, grow and serve one another in the gospel.
It’s how we disciple one another in the word, with prayer.
It’s how we gear up in the gospel for another week before Christ returns.

Sunday is get-your-gospel-game-face-on-day
and if we were to look at a day in the life of Reforming Church,
you could pick Sunday & it would be one of those docos that look like this…

6:00am, or thereabouts, parents rise with children needing, everything.
Workers rise, almost habitually now
Uni students rise, almost miraculously

Roadies roll the trailer & move equipment into the rented building for 9.00am setup
They lay & connect cables, tape it down, sound check, make ministry possible

Musicians practice for an hour, Kids Church Leaders final prep, & Service Leader preps and prays.

The preacher prays, again and again, and feels inadequate for the task, again.

Connect Team has quietly prepped in the background, to be the first smile everyone sees in the foreground – whether they feel like it or not.
Bible readers practice names they would never name children with.
Kids Spot Leaders meditate on the big idea from the day’s text, and pray for the Spirit of God to work in little hearts.

Church members arrive, connecting with one another again, growing together to serve others with love.
They bring friends to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ, praying for eternal life for the lost, and for ongoing faith in the found.
We read the Bible, pray the Bible, sing the Bible, preach the Bible, believe the Bible – God’s Word.
Disciples are made, who then themselves make more disciples.

People are saved, their eternities are shaped, we share morning tea, go to our homes, to then meet together in Grow Communities & Grow Groups, in 121’s, in service in the gospel.

It’s a big day, an important day.
A big week… is it all worth it?

Come along Sunday and see the significance of your service in the gospel.