The Law – what is it for?

The Law: what is it good for? People are often confused about the Law in the Old Testament. We have questions as to what it’s place is in the life of a Christian today, since we have the New Testament and all that might mean for us.

Our society seems so modern and beyond an old collection of books with it’s old fashioned laws – so if I’m not a believer what difference does it make to me?

Moreover there just seem so many, 613 of them, and who has the time to pay close attention to every single one of the hundreds of laws we see in the Old Testament?

That number again, 613, makes our eyes glaze over and we feel like having a lie-down. What’s the Law, all the laws, for? Does it have anything for me anymore? Should I even care?

The short answer is: yes! For a full and satisfying answer to that question, come along this Sunday where you’ll meet people with the same questions you have, and meet the God who has all the answers in His word the Bible. We are currently in an Old Testament overview series, where “Every Page Points to Jesus”.

Find us at Bendigo South East College on Sundays, 10.30am in the Theatre Auditorium on Ellis Street, all are welcome!