The meaningful life…

How would you describe life? What about these words from the biblical book of Ecclesiastes… “Meaningless, meaningless, says the Preacher, all is meaningless!” It doesn’t sound like that preacher is a happy-fun kinda guy, but he is, and it’s exactly how he starts teaching about life “under the sun”.

The original word he uses for his opening description is literally, ‘vapour’. Life is vapour, or smoke. That is, once you think you’ve found something of value and meaning to hold onto, it’s then gone. Here today, gone tomorrow, such is life under the sun. It all sounds pretty bleak, but if you continue to read through the book we feel the same frustrations of life the book describes, and we can only say that this book of collected wisdom on life is true.

So wheres the fun in life? What’s the point? What would be the fruit of reading this book?

At Reforming we are preaching through all of Ecclesiastes in our January series, and as we hear the book’s teaching explained, we hear Jesus proclaimed. For we find that when we chase meaning in life in anything that is not God, we will always be chasing the wind. Chasing anything other than God is a meaningless existence in the end.

But here’s the good news, it is God who has chased us to rescue us from meaningless by sending his son Jesus Christ into our world of vanity. It is Jesus who gave was vaporised on the cross, to save us from a life of vapour.

Why not find a Bible, find God and find meaning in the good news of Jesus.

This coming Sunday we are going to hear from Ecclesiastes 3:16-5:7, on The Problem of Justice. 

Find us at Bendigo South East College on Sundays, 10.30am in Building B5 on Ellis Street, all are welcome!