Tough Topics: the role of women in church

We’re a complementarian church, because the Scriptures show us how very good it is that God made us in His image as male and female with equality and yet difference. In a church family this see relationships between one another expressed in a way that could be summarised as ‘equal and different.’

But even though that is the biblical shape of things, in a fallen world it meets challenges and temptations to see relationships tested and break down. For many churches and individuals this is a tough topic, and for us this in one that we want to hear again from the words of God himself. We’re asking in our day and generation, with the Bible open, what is the role of women in church?

As we do so, we will be hearing from three women who lead our Women’s Ministry, as well as hear women read the Bible and pray. So that as we gather together we will hear the voices of men and women as we sit under the voice of God from His word, the Bible.