Tough Topics: Euthanasia

Andrew Denton is one of many leading the movement for euthanasia in Australia, and he summarises what many want when he says he is “searching for a better way to die”. He adds, “Once you understand it on a human level it’s hard not to think of it that way again. It ceases to be a dry piece of legislation. You think about that human being.”

Euthanasia comes in at number 6 of our Tough Topics series, as voted by many of you. This topic is particularly a current issue for our state of Victoria. So how do we as Christians speak into this? With God’s voice from His word, the Bible.

On Sunday we will hear from personal stories what the topic euthanasia means for people. Yet most relevant of all we will hear what God says about the human level of suffering and death, and how in Christ we have found a better way to die.