We’re going on a Church Camp!!

This weekend coming our discipleship series in the Book of James goes on hold as we gear up for Church Camp!! Our church is now almost four years old, and this time we’re celebrating by going on a weekend away together as a church. It’s our first church camp, ever, and we’re pretty excited about it.

Over the weekend we’ll spend time in beautiful Marysville, digging deep into the treasures of God’s word in the Bible, and we’ll have a tonne of fun together. Our theme for this camp is: “Together we Connect, Grow and Serve”, and through the Scriptures we’ll see how this three part ministry pathway shapes our ministry teams and is part of our mission, and unique values and vision as a church.

We pray that God would use this camp for His glory, and our enjoyment of Him.

Also, something else you’ll need to know about this weekend – since most of the church will be away there will be no Sunday gathering at Bendigo South East College. That’s right, if you turn up to BSE College at 10.30am on Sunday expecting to see our smiling faces gathered around God speaking through the Bible, then you’ll be disappointed.

So on that day, why not check out other good churches that teach the Bible and proclaim not themselves but Christ as they glorify God and enjoy satisfaction in Him. We recommend some of our good friends at St. John’s Presbyterian on the corner of Forest and MacKenzie streets, and also Eaglehawk Presbyterian in Victoria street, Eaglehawk.

This news may have been of some interest to you, but if you really want to hear some good news then you can have your life changed by reading Mark’s Gospel of Jesus Christ.

On every Sunday but September 18th, 2016, you’ll find us at Bendigo South East College on Sundays, 10.30am in Building B5 on Ellis Street. All are welcome!