What does this gospel have to do with me?

What does this ‘gospel’ have to do with me? The word ‘gospel’ is not a religious word, originally it was a word used by the media of the day when the Bible was written. When an Emperor won a battle or had a son, the message would go throughout the empire: “Gospel (good news) for all…” So that when the writers of the New Testament pick up this word, their claim is that Jesus is good news for all. We saw this on Sunday in Acts 16. If you’re the religious type, the gospel is good news as it shows how a religion of doing good to earn righteousness will always fail you – it’s not about what you do but what Jesus has done. If you’re oppressed and enslaved by many things – the gospel is liberating as Jesus is the only Lord who gave his own life for his subjects. Even and especially if you call yourself ‘secular’ (only this world matters), the gospel shows you that when everything you could live for in this world can be taken away, and it can, the security of having Jesus as Lord can never be taken away. We saw these things in Acts 16 as we start our new Autumn series in the letter to the Philippians, for there we see how all types of people find their joy in Jesus, and we pray you will too. That would be good news indeed.