A reflection from the valley, by Dawn Williamson

Last year I was diagnosed with brain cancer.

At the time of my diagnosis, and for ages afterwards, the questions raced through my head. Why me? Why now when I just seemed to finally be sorting things out? I had finally found a good group of friends and found my passion and learnt how to nail the dreaded job interviews. Had I done something to deserve this? Was God punishing me?

The answer I was always given was no. And being shown through the Bible why this was just not true was most helpful. I was not being punished. I had good friends reminding me that God was faithful and would carry me through this. It was a real whirlwind from initial scans to a biopsy and then diagnosis. Initially we were told it was a grade 2, very treatable, but then told more results had come back it was a rare type of cancer with outcomes not known but a prognosis of two years or less. Treatment followed 3 weeks of radiotherapy as well as physio to build some strength up. I was doing well but then things went down hill. Fast. I lost the ability to stand and walk. I’m now unable to do anything for myself. Throughout this whole awful situation I have seen God provide for me what I have needed. In the first few days in hospital the hymn ‘Great is thy faithfulness’ was playing in my head. I have been so blessed with good family, friends and a church that truly shows the love and grace of God. While it has been a really awful time, I’ve seen that God has been, and continues to be, faithful. He will never leave me. I haven’t just been left to deal with this myself. I have a God who is faithful no matter the circumstance. Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death.

By Dawn Williamson