Our Team

The Elders

Rory, Cameron & Russ are the elders of Reforming, and they love to see the gospel grow and bear fruit and are praying for revival in our city.


When you became a Christian you were called into gospel ministry, Ephesians 4:11 style, and so our team includes our whole church. We all serve with the gifts God gives us to build the body of Christ to grow more mature and be like Jesus.

Russ Grinter: Teaching Elder/Pastor

Russ serves as the pastor of Reforming Church. He is married to Aimee and loves her like Jesus loves His church. Together they love their little boys, Knox and Wesley. Russ particularly coaches the Grow Ministry of Reforming, caring for our Grow Group leaders as well as the preaching and teaching of Reforming.

You can contact Russ here: russ@reforming.org.au