What we Believe

Reforming is a Presbyterian church, and that word from the Bible points to what we believe and how we work.

In the New Testament the original Greek word, πρεσβύτερος (presbuteros), is the word used for ‘elder’. We reckon that Jesus knew what He was doing when His Bible says it’s healthy for a church to be cared for by overseers, elders. So a Presbyterian church isn’t just headed up by one personality, but is cared for by a team.

As Presbyterians we believe in team-based ministry of elders and in the way churches relate.

Because we believe that God’s Word is true and has authority over elders and all of us, we therefore believe it with common understanding across churches. This common understanding of faith that we share as Presbyterian churches in Australia is the Westminster Confession of Faith, this is our subordinate standard.

The Confession is the subordinate standard, the Bible is the supreme standard. So most of all we would love you to read the Bible and meet Jesus there, contact us if you like to do that.