After Saturday night…

On Saturday night a Blokes with Bibles event was hosted around a bonfire where we talked about the problem of pornography. The night, the turnout, the conversations, the care, the way in which men faced the problem with the gospel exceeded expectations – it was a tremendous time.

Twenty five men talked around the fire in the dark night, as we looked at:

  1. The problem of pornography’s pervasiveness
  2. The heart of the problem of porn and how the gospel changes everything
  3. The helps available to deal with the problem of porn

In all this we saw how amazing grace is, how great Jesus is in the face of failure, guilt, shame and sin.

We also saw how the helps available are actually really helpful, but that all the accountability in the world won’t fix the problem of porn – only the grace of the gospel is powerful enough to do that. This is a job for Jesus.

So what next?

The Elders of Reforming know that if we only held a night like Saturday every so often that it might help, but we need more. Just like we saw on Saturday night, we need each other – but not just around the fire, we need one another in our daily walk with Christ.

So here’s our follow-up from Saturday night. We’d like to keep the conversation going, we’d like you to know that we’re here to help. There will be more Blokes with Bibles events, there will be more times of talking like we did, but for now we’d like to invite you to talk through how we may help you, one another, all of us – for we leave no man behind.

Reforming Church has a Covenant Eyes group that you can easily join (with confidentiality) to get the first line of help in cutting the problem of porn out of your life, Matthew 5:27-30 style. We host this group because it takes the price of monthly device accountability from $11/month to $2/month. For only $24 a year, you’re covered. You’re very much invited to join us in encouraging each other in this very practical way with internet integrity.

We also have church elders who care for you, pray for you, and are ready to meet and read the Bible with you so that you can put this sin to death, Romans 8:13 style.

In all of this, we know that the only power in seeing change will be from the power of the gospel – it is Jesus Christ who saves and reforms us, reshaping us into the image and likeness of himself.

So here’s your invitation: to receive more help and recovery for you and one another, please get help now by talking with our Elders – you can email them:

We’re here to help.