An excellent question from 1 Corinthians 5-6

Last Sunday’s sermon on ‘Reforming the judgemental church’ sparked further interest in how we as church are not be judgmental of those outside the church. Someone asked an excellent question on their Connect Card that I’d love to answer here for you.

“Just wondering about the seeming contradiction between 1 Corinthians 5:12 & 6:2?”

The answer becomes clear when we see that the references to judgement in 6:2 (and 6:3 also) are verbs (action words) that have a future tense. We can see it in the english phrases used there too.

For yes, one day there will be a judgment of those who are outside, those who don’t trust in Jesus as Lord, but that day is not today. So I hope that answer helps what is an excellent question.

One more thing on this that needs to be said though, my own question really that comes out loud and clear from the Bible: are you still an outsider? Are you still on the outside when it comes to being save, safe and sound in Jesus? Please know that with all love, care and clarity the message to you is that you need to trust in Jesus. And why should you? Why can you? Because the one who is the ultimate judge of the world, is the one who became the judged on the cross. And he did this for the world, for you.