Are you frustrated at work?

Are you frustrated at work? Why is that?

It may be that you can’t see what your work is for – be that getting your hands dirty in a drain or getting into the study at school, TAFE or Uni. What’s the point of it all?

Or you may be frustrated at work because you don’t enjoy your relationships there.

Of course it may be that your work is just hard, like really hard.

So how can we live out our faith at work in this way? We will see what God says this Sunday in the Scriptures from our series on Work and Rest.

This sermon series not only will align with what our Grow Groups dig into, but will also align with what the children will be learning in Kids Church – so that we as a whole congregation can grow as disciples of Jesus together.

So as you prepare for the highlight of your week in gathered church, why not read ahead from Genesis 3, Ecclesiastes 2:12-26 and Romans 8:18-30.