Being in the Bible this year

Often our hopes for the New Year circle around our aim for a better year, a better life – with less downs and more delight. This is why we wish for one another, and ourselves, a “happy New Year”.

On Sunday last we saw that to have a truly happy life comes from delighting in the word of God, we saw this as God spoke from His Scriptures in Psalm 1. And the high point of our delight comes of course in delighting in the word of God, made flesh, God incarnate, God with us – the one born as a baby at Christmas, the man Jesus, the Christ.

Whatever happens for you in this New Year period, whatever 2019 has, we have our joy in Jesus. So that. whatever happens, our hope for the New Year doesn’t just circle around our aim for a better life, it lands on the promises of God in Jesus Christ.

So what’s next in this New Year? This Sunday come and see as we open Acts 17:1-15and see how being in the Bible this yearwill build and grow us as healthy believers – because our hope is in Jesus.

After this Sunday we start in our new series leading up to Easter 2019 from Mark’s Gospel, Who Do You Say Jesus Is?

I look forward to being in the Scriptures with you, to see if these things are so… (Acts 17:11)