Celebrating the ministry of the Christian Union

On Saturday last we went along to the Bendigo Christian Union’s celebratory afternoon tea. It was so good.

We heard testimonies to the gospel of Christ, and how CU students and staff have served people with prayer and ministry of the word.

We saw people who’s lives have been changed by Jesus on campus.

We remembered the blessing of partnering with the CU, as gospel partners (from Steve’s message from Philippians 1:1-11).

And, we had a delicious afternoon tea. With find friends.

The afternoon tea is over now, but the opportunity to join this vital work on campus is not over. If you’d like to be part of this ministry in any way, as a student next year or by becoming a partner – then you can let the CU know here on their Facebook page. And while you’re online, check them out on their website.

Grace be with CU Bendigo!