Good Friday Service 9.30am

Is it the food? Is it the invitation to be with people? Is it the day off to do whatever you want? You and I know, we Australians love our holidays. We run a horse race, and so have a holiday. The Queen has a birthday, and so we have a holiday. We remember the diggers on ANZAC day, by taking a day off. Yet in our secular society, strangely enough we still take a day off for Good Friday. Why?

You may have heard about that day when Jesus died the Roman way, crucified on a cross. We remember that day now commonly known as ‘Good Friday’. Yet if you look at the calendar, we don’t take many public holidays in Australia because one man died, let alone calling it a good day. So what’s all this about?

What is so good about Jesus dying on a Friday so long ago?

The Bible has the answers with a full explanation of those events that happened so long ago, yet with so much meaning today. If you’ve ever wondered why Jesus died, perhaps more than for giving us another public holiday, then come along to our Good Friday service and hear the full story. It’ll be for one hour of your life, and it may change it forever.

9.30am, BSE College Theatre on Ellis St.

March 25th, in the year of our Lord 2016.

There will be hot cross buns. Delish!