Does evangelism compete in a world of -isms?

How does evangelism compete in a world of -isms? Does Christianity have anything relevant to say in a world of religions and multiple worldviews? We asked this question on Sunday as we continued in our series in the Book of Acts and came to that famous episode where the apostle Paul walks into to Athens, almost like a tourist. Of course, he’s not taking selfies at the sites, but rather distressed at how a thinking city and culture that is Athens is so superstitious at the same time. The culture is full of the worship of idols, just like ours. We see this, that whilst there might be atheists (non-believers in God), there is no such thing as an a-worshipper (non-worshipper). We all worship something, we give our life to something as we devote our time, money and heart motivations to it – whatever that is. The key question is: will what you worship ultimately fail you in the end? This is how the good new of Jesus, the gospel, out competes every other religion, worldview or object of worship. Since Christianity is getting personal with your creator God in the man Jesus Christ, it is him who trumps everything else that is impersonal. Evangelism, the sharing of the good news of Jesus with people, will always out compete in a world of isms because getting personal right with God isn’t an -ism. Knowing God personally in Jesus Christ is wonderfully and radically different and new altogether. Jesus got so personal with you that he came into human history for you, died for your sin and rose from death giving you hope beyond the stuff of pretend hope.
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