‘Doing what you want’ …a new series in Judges

We all want to do what we want, right? But how does that work out for us? Often it’s like that song from 2001, you may know it by that indie band, James: “Getting away with it all messed up.”

Well maybe, just maybe, God has the better way. And if God does have something to say about life that He designed, maybe he wrote a book or something about doing what you want and the result of what that looks like. Well, that’s the Book of Judges, and we’re going to be hearing what it says about our life now.

It’s a story of sinners, of broken heroes and how God cares so much to clean up after our mess.

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Series Plan

  1. Judges 1:1 – 3:6

Title: ‘The disobedience of dumb decisions’

Big Idea: Israel we’re supposed to drive out the nations, but instead they disobeyed by doing what they wanted. The question will be: how does that work out for them?


  1. Judges 3:7 – 3:31

Title: ‘The name’s Bond, James Bond…’

Big Idea: Things go from bad to worse for Israel and they are oppressed in many ways. Yet God is gracious and appoints rescuers, to deliver His people, to save them.


  1. Judges 4 – 5

Title: ‘God saves us, in spite of ourselves’

Big Idea: Despite our sin, our unfaithfulness, God is the one who saves His people in His way, for His Glory.


  1. Judges 6 – 8

Title: ‘The timid tester who is Gideon’

Big Idea: It seems most use Gideon as a model of how to find our God’s will – we really should stop doing that. Gideon is rather an example of someone who God directs to trust Him, yet Gideon is timid and would rather test God’s word instead. But thanks be to God that He is gracious towards Gideon, and us.


  1. Judges 9 – 12

Title: ‘When Judges don’t deliver’

Big Idea: Israel has gone bad, in every way, again. God raises up a deliverer, again. But this time it seems that our deliverer in this episode is even more flawed than before. After his success comes tragedy, because sin is still with us.


  1. Judges 13 – 16

Title: ‘Samson: hey there Delilah’

Big Idea: God by his grace raises up a new Judge, a new rescuer for Israel. Yet he’s not always a good guy, one of those anti-hero types and his name is famous like being buff and fit – Samson. His sin is his downfall, and yet also of his enemies – by God’s grace.


  1. Judges 17 – 21

Title: ‘Doing what you want – how does that work out for ya?’

Big Idea: Not well. Yet we try to cover up the mess, do a bit of tidy here and there in our lives, even as we do what is right in our own eyes. But God is about to show us a better way, there’s good news coming your way.