God’s grace seen in baptism.

What’s baptism all about?

Is it an old religious ceremonial rite?

Is it a cultural artifact of Christendom?

Is it something we do to our kids for the family photos?

Is it some magic water so we’re kept superstitiously safe?

Is it something you gotta do to make God happy?

The good news is, it’s none of those things. Rather, baptism’s all about God’s grace to us.

This coming Sunday we are going to see someone get baptised as a sign of what Jesus has done for them in His death and resurrection. On that day we will see what it means to identify with the grace of God in Jesus Christ, through baptism. We will also see what it means to identify with Christ’s church who are saved and gathered by grace, through baptism.

Why not come along and see a street baptism, and moreover see how Jesus changes everything.