Discipleship Groups

A key ministry of making disciples of Jesus is to speak and teach through His word the Bible to one another. This ministry of ‘making disciples’ Matthew 28:18-20) is at the heart of our church.

A key way for people to grow with Jesus is through our Discipleship Groups. These groups meet in homes and at Reforming House throughout the week and as we teach the Bible and encourage one another by speaking the gospel into one-another’s lives. Discipleship Groups are made up of men and women, families and singles, as well as children being part of these communities. Discipleship Groups are led by mature Christians who are trained as leaders, and they are part of our pastoral care team as a church. Being a member of a Discipleship Group is the best way to serve and love one another as we speak the gospel word of God to each other, building one another up in Christ. We often spend time together over meals and as we open the Bible, pray and serve one-another in the gospel. We have groups that meet on different nights during the week, and a Mums n’ Bubs group during the day.

We also, where possible, are reading the Bible and praying with one another in one-to-one meet-ups.

If you’d like to learn more about our Discipleship Groups, email Ryan Smith (our Maturity Coach) on ryangsmith@gmail.com