How can I be a sinner & a saint?

How’s your day been? Your week? Your month? Even your year?

Aside from sounding like the intro to “Friends“, this is a common way we catch-up with each other, us humans. People ask one another – how are you?

For the most part that is answered depending on how well we know each other, how close our friendship is. In our discipleship as Christians we want to, need to, go deeper. And that means we’re asking more helpful questions for your heart like: “how have you been refreshed by the gospel message of Jesus this week?”

For many of us, all actually, becoming a Christian can see like it should be “all good”. But the reality is aside from suffering because the world is broken, we are broken. We are sinners. This means that our day, week, month, year…our life is also broken by sin. Our own sin. And this means one of the questions we’re asking throughout our life of being a disciple of Jesus is: “how can I be a sinner and a saint, even at the same time?” It doesn’t seem possible.

The season finale from our series in Romans 1-4 is on this Sunday, as we ask the question: “How can I be a sinner and yet righteous in God’s sight?” For doesn’t that seem impossible? It is – except with God.

The week after we’re going to be seeing God’s sovereign hand at work from the book of Ruth.

Stick with Jesus, and stick around church this winter, to see what Christ’s vision of discipleship will look like for you, by His gospel word.