India Trip 2019: PART 2

Those who follow the updates on the website will be thankful to know that I am home safe from an exploratory visit to India! 

This visit, as per my update last week, was initiated by Reforming and the Presbytery of North Western Victoria, aimed at exploring how we – a small church, in a regional town, in a small country – can support our brothers and sisters in India. It has been such a privilege to visit, walk alongside, and encourage the local church in India. Christianity is a small community in India (particularly in the north), and there is a significant need to further strengthen and support ministers and lay-leaders within the reformed family of churches in India. 

My second week in India was incredibly encouraging. 

I had the unique opportunity to meet with north-eastern Christians in and around Darjeeling, near the border of China, Nepal and Bhutan. Many of those who attended the local reformed church on the Lord’s Day were from the Nepali community, and I had the honour to fellowship with them as we looked to the Word in Ephesians 2. In the days following, I was privileged to share fellowship through a series of lectures on the Gospel of Mark with students from Sikkim, Nepal and India – all of whom come from the various reformed denominations in the region. 

In coming months, I will be presenting a report to the Presbytery of North Western Victoria around the opportunities for future engagement in India. My report will likely outline the opportunity for visits to India of guest lecturers, the development and distribution of discipleship and coaching tools for pastors and lay leaders amongst the Indian reformed community, the provision of financial support for reformed pastors and evangelists-in-training, and – most importantly – a commitment to pray for our brothers and sisters in India. 

Please pray as we explore ways that we can build up our brothers and sisters in India in this partnership that exists from Bendigo to Bengal.