Make a difference: serve the church, serve the world

Many of us want to make a difference. To bring change, to help others, by doing what is good. But what is that ‘good’, and how do we do such a thing?
As a church we of are reforming by the gospel and this sees us make disciple-makers who connect with Jesus, grow in Jesus and serve like Jesus. On Sunday we saw from Romans 12 what this service looks like, and it is all possible by the mercies of God. We are those who are blood-bought redeemed people of God, and we therefore serve because Jesus first served us. Extraordinary isn’t it? That God would enter the world, lay down his life, take his own vengeance against our sin upon himself, or our sake!
On the cross we see what service looks like, where Jesus was overcome by our evil, so that we can overcome evil with good – Romans 12:21 style. So now, by the mercies of God, we serve the church and serve the world by making disciple-makers of Jesus.
We are seeing people being saved and shaped by the gospel. We are seeing Jesus’ disciples do much good by sharing and serving in the name of our good God. And this makes all the difference.