Making disciple-makers who grow

Everybody wants to grow. We want to be healthy and growing as a person. We have our gyms, our health section of the supermarket, our academic tutorials and support, and now the new industry of Life Coaching. Everybody wants to grow, and particularly in character. But what does that really look like? How does one measure this? Will Life Coaching do anything? What does it look like to be a “better person”?

In our three week series at Reforming Church we have been looking at what it means to be truly human by making disciple-makers of Jesus. We are a church of people who connect, grow and serve. We heard last Sunday from John 15 that Jesus makes a big claim: that to truly grow and see a transformed character, bearing fruit in a life that lasts forever, can only come about by being joined to Jesus. As a church we grow in healthy character by believing in Jesus and being like Him, this is what it means to grow as disciple-making disciples who undertake Jesus core business in the world today.

This coming Sunday we welcome new university students to our city and see what God says about serving in whatever we do in His world. Would you like to connect to Jesus, to grow and serve the church and thus serve the world? Then come and check out who Jesus is and what he has done for you at Reforming Church.