New Eldership ~ November 20th

So as we get to the busy end of the season for many of our church and community, we are in prayer for people.

We pray for our uni students as they prepare and undertake exams and final assessments for 2016.

We pray for workers, as projects wind-up or schedules start to grow.

We pray for families and singles, as Christmas comes and the calendar closes on a busy year.

And as a church, we are particularly praying for a few exciting things that are happening as we gear-up for 2017. One of those things is that we are going to ordain and induct our first home-grown eldership, God willing.

As a church-plant, we have enjoyed the blessing of being cared for by our mother-church elders of Bendigo Presbyterian. They have loved us, led us, prayed for us – and we are so thankful to God for them.

As part of this oversight of us, they have been praying and planning for the time when Reforming Church would have elders who come from Reforming, who fellowship on a weekly and daily basis with Reforming, who would care and serve as overseeing elders of Reforming. That time is now.

So, our up-to-date news is that we plan to conduct an ordination and induction service of our new eldership on November 20th, 2016.

In due time after that we will announce many new and exciting opportunities we have for gospel mission and ministry in 2017, and how we can all play a crucial part in these plans and prayers. But for now, please continue to read the following edict so that you can be part of this month’s exciting plan, and so you too may pray.


According to our church regulations from our Code Book, the next step in the process is that an edict will be read out publicly this Sunday. Since this is such a public notice, and for all to hear as much as possible, we have included it for your reading here:

Edict for ordination/induction of elders-elect 
(rule 3.18.1)
Mr Cameron Clare and Mr Rory Weightman, have been duly elected to the office of the eldership in this congregation. Before they are ordained and inducted into office, opportunity is provided for any member or adherent of the congregation who has any objection to the ordination and induction of Cameron Clare and Rory Weightman to notify the Session clerk of the objection, in writing, by the 13th of November 2016.
If no relevant objection is given and proved, the ordination and induction of Cameron Clare and Rory Weightman to the office of eldership of this congregation will proceed on the 20th of November 2016, according to the laws of the church.

Please pray for God’s wisdom in these things.

Your Pastor,