Our new Women’s Ministry Apprentice

On Sunday we commissioned our next Ministry Apprentice, Emma, ready for training and service in our women’s ministry.

10616343_10152532819617955_4565672645803930405_nAs we did this we put a pause on our series in the book of James and heard from 2nd Timothy a passionate plea from the Apostle Paul for ministry workers like Timothy (and Emma) to “handle God’s word rightly”. This is so important for the church today.

Christian leadership is all about leading in the word. It’s not about being the coolest (hasn’t that word even dated already?). It’s not all about being a really relationally nice guy (although there’s nothing wrong with that). It’s not about being the most likeable girl (as if Christian workers, prophets and missionaries have been very ‘liked’ by the world anyway!). Nope, the Christian worker, the Christian leader, is all about being like Jesus, thinking like Jesus and serving like Jesus – and you can’t find a person who has a higher view of God’s word in the Bible than Jesus Christ himself.

Christian leadership is all about leading in the word of Christ. It’s quite common to hear talk of disciple-making among churches today (and that’s a great thing), to hear about the importance of relationships in discipleship (good!), but what is most missing in all this talk is what Jesus taught us to be the centre of discipleship – teaching (Matthew 28:20).

So we want to place Bible teaching at the centre of all we do – our making of disciple makers, our ministry apprenticeships, our church. For really, it’s not just apprenticeships or Christian leadership that is about the word of God, it’s for all Christians. It’s a whole church community project.

We teach the Bible to others, so that they would teach the Bible to others, to then teach the Bible to others – for that is what Jesus taught us to do. May we all have no need to be ashamed as we make disciples, by “rightly handling the word of truth” (2 Timothy 2:15).