Our prayer for Mother’s Day

We all have different life chapters of the shared story that is celebrated on Mother’s Day, and so we pray the following prayer on behalf of all in our church and in our community.

Our Father in heaven, we thank you for our mothers, this Mother’s Day. Thank you for their love, care and self-sacrifice of service for our sake because of their love.

Gracious God, we know from your word in Genesis 3, that because of sin entering the world – there is now pain in childbearing. And so we pray for those with pain this Mother’s Day, be it physical or emotional pain – that you would comfort them.

Show your grace to those who have lost their mothers. Please show your grace to those who would like to be mothers but for some reason cannot be. And show your grace to those who may have had a troubled relationship with their mother.

We pray that you would care for those in the various circumstances that people find themselves in when it comes to our mothers.

We give thanks for our mothers, who have brought us into the world. And we thank you that Jesus was born into the world so that no matter our circumstances, we may be born again, have a fresh start, and know your love for us.

We pray in the name of the One who has adopted us all into a new family forever, in Jesus name, amen.