Praying in the Storm

Last night we held our second Prayer Supper Service for the year, and we’re very thankful for our new location too – for we were praying through the storm.

The wind howled and the rain poured, but the 5 adults and 2 children were warmed by fellowship and assurance that God hears our prayers. With thankful hearts we prayed for:

  • Our hearts not to be anxious about anything, but to be reliant uand rejoicing in Christ for everything (Philippians 4:6)
  • Civil authorities
  • Local & global gospel mission & ministry
  • People who are sick & sorrowing
  • For the needs of our church

It was so good to pray, so formative for us and moreover so wonderful to being everything and lay it before God our Father through His Son, by His Spirit.

Last night’s supper was also warming, as we enjoyed a curry in the Quarry Hill Hall. Our Prayer Suppers always have plenty of food for all.

If you’d like prayer for yourself, or to pray for the needs of our needy world, then you’re invited to our next Prayer Supper Service – always the second Sunday of the month.