Questions people ask…

Questions people ask: “What am I working for?” and “Is there something more to sex?” At our recent Sunday services we heard what the Bible teaches, what Jesus says, on topics where there can be a lot of confusion.
On Sunday morning we considered that since we spend a majority of our life at work, then what does the Bible have to say about it. So what’s it all for in the end? What are we working for? The Bible shows that God created us to be those who flourish and nourish in His Creation. So that, whatever you do, you participate in that project. Yet, that project has a deadline, a time when there comes God’s New Creation, and that is where He invites us to be part of something eternal. Because of the cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ, we can work in seeing the gospel spread. This involves the whole body of Christ’s people, not just ‘ministers’. So whatever you do in that body, abound in such work as it is not in vain (1 Corinthians 15:58).
On Sunday evening we looked at the hot topic of sex, and how Jesus makes things clear in a confused culture. You only have to stand in the supermarket line at the checkout and read the magazine covers to see how our society constantly seeks more pleasure, greater sex, yet seemingly doesn’t seem to find it. Is there something more to sex than a physical feeling? Jesus says yes. When Jesus speaks about sex, he does so with the authority as the creator of all things, including sex. Sex is a good gift of God, and like any gift can be misused, but is good and to be enjoyed in the right way. Jesus shows how the gospel, His good news, changes everything about how we understand good sex.