reforming our cultural categories

Can you imagine what it would be like if someone said, “you need to become an Australian to be saved and safe?” On Sunday we heard from Acts chapter 15 that something just like that was happening.
When the gospel is assumed, when we think that the good news of Jesus isn’t all that important, our society quickly relegates a person’s security and happiness to the measure made by cultural categories. Yet, just as we celebrate whatever it means to be Australian, we see in the gospel of Jesus something that brings celebration for eternity. For as we go to the Bible and get the gospel right, and as the nations and people groups come to our city and we want for them real happiness. We see that lasting joy not found in what others say we should wear, act and speak like but in how Jesus has done everything to make us accepted with God.
We can now be citizens of an eternal home, no matter where we are from. Maybe you’ve been living your life like most do around the world, by a lifeless standard. A standard that measures your performance or categorises you by culture alone. What you and I need is the good news of Jesus, which is not a lifeless standard but a power that changes everything.
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