Romans Series: The Gospel of God

How can I get right with God? The answer is good news in the book of Romans: the Gospel of God.

This letter written by the Apostle Paul, authored by God as His word to us all, is about the gospel of God (Romans 1:1, Romans 15:16). Opening Romans and rediscovering the riches of God toward us in the gospel of Jesus Christ has seen the world changed every time, and it will change your world.

Just like Augustine in the fourth century was changed from being selfish and anxious to full of joy from the real relief of new relationship with God.

Just like in the Reformation where the German monk Martin Luther went from avoiding God to loving Him because of hearing God’s good news.

Just like today where we celebrate 500 years of Reformation by opening Romans in our current discipleship series, and celebrate more than history, but His story that so shapes your story.

As we walk through our series this year, we’ll enjoy it in it’s 4-part seasons – and hear from the past of that Reformation period (from a person, or an idea). Moreover, we will hear how to be right with God, right here, right now. We’ll be reforming and rejoicing by the gospel of God.

The Gospel of God ~ Season 1: The Gospel Reveals

April 30th, Romans 1:1-17The gospel reveals the righteousness of God

May 7th, Romans 1:18-32The gospel reveals what’s wrong with us

May 14th, Romans 2The gospel reveals how being religious won’t help you

May 21st, Romans 3:1-20The gospel reveals that there are no exceptions

May 28th, Romans 3:21-26The gospel reveals God’s rescuer from all this is Jesus

June 4th, Romans 3:27-4:25The gospel reveals how God gives us righteousness