Series Snapshot: The Psalms

So if you’d like to know what we are being discipled with at the moment, here is a snapshot of our preaching & teaching series in the Psalms:

January 3rd,   Psalm 1: ‘Being blessed in the word of the Saviour’

January 10th, Psalm 2: ‘Taking refuge in the Saviour’

January 17th, Psalm 8: ‘Finding who you are in the Saviour’

January 24th, Psalm 19: ‘Knowing God by knowing the Saviour’

January 31st, Psalm 23: ‘We are never alone because of the Saviour’

February 7th, Psalm 46‘We need not fear with the Saviour near’

February 14th, Psalms 32 & 51‘Finding forgiveness in the Saviour’

We teach the Bible, because we make disciple-makers.

We hope you glorify God in Jesus Christ and enjoy Him through this series.

We are reforming by the good news of Jesus, and invite you to be reforming with us.