The Case for Christ ~ A book review

Lee Strobel is an Atheist. When his wife becomes a Christian, he uses his journalistic skills to delve into the mystery of Christ; is it fact or fiction?

His quest takes him around America, interviewing a range of people from archaeologists to professors, all of them with impressive titles under their belts and books too. He asks the hard questions, determined to find a hole in the bible. To his amazement, the facts seems to paint a very plausible story; that indeed Jesus Christ rose from the dead after being Crucified on the cross.

If the disciples were writing about what they saw, then the events have to be correct. Why would they make up something so big that would change the course of humankind forever?

Mainly directed to anyone, this book is to be enjoyed by Christians too. Well after I read it I was rocked with revelations that deepened my faith. The interview about what happened on the cross will move you and inspire you to learn more of Jesus’s life.

Lee Strobel is from California. He has a list of books to be read for your spiritual pleasure. If you are someone new in the faith or someone looking for something new to sink your heart into, this author will keep you turning the pages. Happy reading.

A review by Grant King

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Are you much of a reader? Maybe you find reading a chore. Why read the book when there’s a movie version?

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