The unhindered word in a hostile world

We’re things better in the good ol’ days? Was the church the ‘perfect church’ that you could expect to always enjoy in those good old days? Is there any such thing as “good ol’ days”? What about the reality of being in a church of imperfect people whilst living in an imperfect world? How does the Bible help us in a hostile world? The Book of Acts gives us the answer to all these sorts of questions. Last Sunday we saw a summary of our series in this book, where the acts of Jesus sees the gospel word go from Jerusalem, to Judea and Samaria, to the end of the earth – even our end of the earth. And no matter what happens, even in a hostile world, the word of God continues unhindered.
This means three things for the believer of this word of the gospel, the three ‘E’s.
1. The word we see in the Acts equips us to share the good news of Jesus in a world of bad news.
2. It encourages us when we feel the hostility of a world that hates Jesus.
3. It is what enables us, to do anything in these bad days.The gospel word of God is unlike any other message or words, it is more than symbols of communication, it is the power of God.
And all this means that if you’re not yet a believer in this word, you get to hear for yourself and see what a difference life with Jesus makes for your days, now and forever.