The vomit of pride is boasting

The vomit of pride is boasting. Yuck. But it’s true, and it makes us sick, our relationships sick, our churches sick.

Personally I am sick of pride and the way it comes up and out our throats in boasting, like vomit. I’m tired of people and churches that boast in themselves. I’m over the whole sick cycle of conversations that sound like an overplayed song on shuffle-repeat…. “How many people do you have in your church…?” “We are rapidly growing because we did such and such…” “I’ve done this”, “we have the biggest”, “we are the most”, “we, me, I…” Ugh.

As we teach through 1st Corinthians at church, we see again what God thinks of our boasting, and how bad it is for us and the church. Yet, I am convicted that pride and boasting are never those sins that are in someone else’s heart just waiting for diagnosis, for they are in me too. For this sort of sick sin is contagious, and pride can have different symptoms.

To add more metaphors to the mix: if pride is ugly, then envy is her ugly sister. Now I’m no cinderella, but if we ever get to the ball (our church-plant grows), may we never say: “We did this”. May it also never be that we look over the fence or suburb to another church and point out pride whilst allowing envy to make her home in our hearts.

Whatever happens, God gives the growth (1 Corinthians 3:7), so let’s pray that we will boast only in the Lord – which is sweeter than anything else that could come out of our mouths.