We make disciple-makers

We make disciple-makers. That is Jesus’ mission which he gave the church in Matthew 28:16 – 20, and it’s our vision. We didn’t make up the vision, Jesus has given it to us in His word the Bible. And our vision is not just to make disciples, but disciple-makers – that is the full extent of Jesus’ words.

So what does this mean for 2016?

It means that we seek to hear Jesus speak in the Scriptures, to be taught to obey all that He has commanded and to teach others so that they may teach others. We want to be those who rightly handle the word of truth, and pass it on. We pray that many people in Bendigo and beyond would find rescue and joy in Jesus this year.

If you’re new to Bendigo, looking for a church, or interested in connecting with God this New Year, come and meet Him at His own word in the Bible. Come and encounter Jesus and see what difference He makes to your life and eternity. We are in a series in the Psalms at the moment, this Sunday come and hear about how you may find refuge in Jesus the Saviour.