What does Christmas mean to you…?

I would love to know what you think, or feel, Christmas means to you. Without assuming the readership of this church-blog is beyond say, 3 people, I do hope the question is something you’d like to answer and share here in the comments section below.

There are no guidelines to answering, that is, please don’t feel like you’ve got to say something about Jesus being the real reason for the season or else this pastor is going to open up a can of Bible on you. No.

And this question doesn’t come to you so I can pull-apart your answers in Sunday’s sermon to show how clever I am and how stupid others are – believe me it’s the other way around. And no preacher would do that anyway, right?

Please rest easy and answer freely, for I’m genuinely interested to hear what your heart loves and perhaps longs for at Christmas. The answers could be as diverse as the people in our community, even as different as you and me. I will speak to these things in the beginning of Sunday’s sermon from Isaiah 9:1-7, but only because the Bible speaks to us and to me on these things. My hunch is that God speaks to us in the Bible at Christmas in a particular way, to the things that mean the most to us.

So, what does Christmas mean  to you…?