“What does it mean to be blessed?”

We received a great question on a Communication Card from Sunday’s sermon: “What does it mean to be blessed? Are some people more blessed than others?”

Whilst the sermon from the section of Scripture we were in on Sunday didn’t speak specifically about blessing, it was inferred – particularly because we were hearing from God’s word on how to be content. That there I think forms the context for this question that you and I have moving around our minds from time to time. When it comes to this life before Christ returns – what does it mean to be blessed, and can others have more?

We need to recognise that when our world grabs for the definition of being “blessed”, it does so almost entirely based upon the belief that all that matters is this short life. If that is the case, then blessing is measured on what you have that albeit temporary, can be enjoyed and held onto in today’s temporary hands. Yet, although those of us who believe something different, that there is more to life than this – there is eternal life – we can find ourselves functional believing the same thing.

So where to from here? The question which we put after every question ought to be: “What does God say in His gospel word, the Bible?”

When the Bible uses the word ‘blessed’, it can mean ‘happiness’ as seen in the way Jesus uses it in Matthew 5 and Luke 6, sections of his sermons we commonly called the beatitudes. In the context of those texts of God’s word, we see that this happiness, this blessing, is ultimately experienced by finding our joy in Jesus – God himself.

So that when we see the Old Testament promises and New Testament fulfilment of ‘the blessed life’, we actually find that it’s sweeter than what ‘this-life-only’, can only offer. For in the end, and particularly in the context of what it means to be content in life, no matter what we have or moreover feel we don’t have – it is the blessing of being in Christ that’ll forever give us joy.

We have every spiritual blessing in Jesus (Ephesians 1:3), so may we glorify him and enjoy him forever.